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This blogg is read by quite many foreigners so I will try to write mostly posts in English. Please look past the spelling faults ;).
Christmas is right around the corner and I know the meaning of having a good clipper so this is a great tip to mums and dads, husband and wifes, and all of you who knows anyone who is clipping dogs and there you just haven´t found the perfect present. Look at the picture above. Andis clipper is perfect to that person who is clipping dogs. And it will save the "Dog groomer" from a lot of outgoings during the year :). Much better than any game or clothing (if you ask a devoded dog groomer like me ;) ) Who knows if the next world winning dog groomer sits there right beside you.

As an Andis Educator I sometimes goes to dogshows and exhibitions.
We are many Educators traveling around the world and we are there to show you how to do the perfect groom, groom faster, groom easier and how to control your customer (the dog). We are Educators using the best products, Andis. 

If you want to see where I´m going you can take a look at my Facebook page Swedgroom. Feel free to come and ask questions. I am there for you!

You can also ask questions here in the comments. You don´t even need to tell me your name.


Feel free to write me.

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