Happy new 2018

A little new year theme a couple of days here on the website!
Me and my family have been to Iceland. It was exciting, cold and dark, just 4 hours of light. But it was nice and we are actually thinking about going there again, in the summer;).

New Years crackers are here and two of our four dogs are afraid. How to handle an afraid dog is individual. Some dogs neads to be staying in a familiar safe room. Some dogs want to lie close to you with just one hand on its body. Some dogs are best if you play music or activate them. Some dogs asociate activation + music with "now it's banging soon". Test and see what works for your dog.If a dog is afraid, it does not mean that all the others will also be afraid. Here in our home, the oldest dog is the most afraid.It just means that it's the most scared.

Feel free to ask questions:

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