Grooming in Gothenburg

I started the new year by going to MyDOG in Gothenburg. I groomed a large poodle with Andi's clipper and Andi's distance combs leaving 3-25 mm long fur. There are 8 different sizes in the comb kit.
On body I left 16 mm fur, on legs 25 mm, on parties that should be extra short as chest and behind 3 - 6 mm. Length is of course dependent on what the dog owner wants and how fleshy the dog is. My dog is very slim and I do not want him to be to bony. 
I had a wonderful day with many people who wanted to talk about dogs. A little psychology, a little coat care and a little bit about what breed to buy. There was also a cute Pomeranian visiting which I combed and its parents got some tips to take home :) 

Feel free to ask questions:

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