lucky me ;)

Perfect for cats!!!! Perfect for cats!!!!

Working as an Andis Educator is much fun and verry interesting. Testing new products, telefon meetings, which reguires full attention because it´s on English and its hard to follow sometimes. 
You also get to meet new people. You get your schedule for the year, where to in the world you are going. Mostley I am in Scandinavian though.
I still loves to go out in my salon and meet my costumers, It keeps me on the ground ;). The salon is where I get my inspiration to work more for our profession. 
Of course Sweden is close to my hart, its where I live and I know on what we need to amend. 
I am learning so much from my new friends over sea that has come much further in the grooming buisness than we have here in Sweden/Scandinavian. I am sure that my journey has just began. I have always been interesting in learning and growing so this is perfect for me. Right now I cant imagine anything better.  I am so grateful <3 
I am also verry Interested in seeing companies grow so working for Andis is perfect. I would love working as an buisness consultant, if I had the patience to go to school when I was younger. 

The medical care in Sweden is realy bad nowadays and I have been strugling with a bad back. I found a solution and got help from a chiropractor who sent me on X-ray. So now I know wats wrong and has began to exercise :). At last!!! thank god!
I have had  such a terrible workout pain, could hardly walk :D :D . 
That is what our profession requires if we want to work in the grooming buissnes for a long time, and I want to <3

Much love in this post and that is because I enjoy life so much. I have so many understanding and professional people around me and it feels pretty good.

Also, I just did my accounting and no question marks :) 

Feel free to ask questions:

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