Swedgroom will not organize any competition in Sweden in 2018.

Warmly welcome to my professional website
My name is Jette feldt and I work as a full-time dog groomer and have been doing this since 1999. I have a lot of interest in dog psychology and have also completed studies in this subject at a association in Sweden who educates dog psychologists. In addition to my way of working, I have also chosen to educate myself to a dog masseur.

The name Swedgroom was formed in 2013 to organize International dog grooming competitions under EGA European Grooming Association.
We are offering  complete dog groomer education and courses in grooming for both dog groomers and dog owners.
At Swedgroom dog grooming education you will learn the profession with a focus on quality, creativity and technique. The studies  will prepare you for the professional dog grooming life directly after exam.
Do you already have an education but feel you need to complete this, then some of our complementary courses can be the right choice for you.

Head teacher Jette Feldt has a 2080 hours practical education, is certified in Denmark at the Danish association and has over 20 years experience in dog grooming. 

As an Andis Ambassador and educator Jette travels around in Europe as the representative of Andis tools and clippers. On her trips she holds seminars in grooming, scissoring technique and dog psychology. 

2017  Jette Feldt became an IGU Judge and has Judged dog groomers in South Korea that was being certified, for the certification company International Groomers United IGU

/Jette Feldt

Judge and instructor
Judge and instructor
  • 1 years education Dog Dog Groomer - 1985
  • SBK obedience dog instructor - 2004
  • Dog instruktor by IMMI approved education - 2011
  • Dog Psychologist by IMMI approved education - 2012
  • Certified Dog Dog groomer, Danish grooming association -2013
  • Organizer of SWEDGROOM - 2014
  • Certified dog masseur - 2014
  • Organizer of the Scandinavian Masters Groom KB - 2015
  • Coach to Sweden's groom team - 2015
  • Organizer Scandinavian Masters Groom - 2016
  • Member of  International Professional Groomers - 2016
  • Teacher at Real High School in Lund - 2016
  • Organizer Swedgroom - 2017
  • Andis educater - 2017
  • Judge and Instructor for the IGU - 2017
  • Sponsored and an advisor to Rose Line - 2017
  • Sponsored and an advisor to Artero Products - 2017